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Serene Counselling Service  

To our very valued clients

Please be aware that Serene Counselling Service has moved

We are now located at;

The Gosnells Business Station

2232B Albany Highway

Gosnells, 6110, WA

Serene Counselling Service in Gosnells, Perth, WA, offers counselling that is confidential, non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate 

What you can expect from the therapy provided by Serene Counselling?

The counselling will predominantly comprise of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

In short this therapy combines cognitive and behavioural therapeutic approaches to facilitate a client in changing maladaptive and counter-productive thoughts and behaviours.

Recognising that negative emotions themselves are difficult to change, through CBT, I work collaboratively with a client to recognise and then target the thoughts and behaviours that underpin the negative emotions.

CBT is a goal-oriented approach that requires active involvement by the client to be successful. However, given that you are looking at this website already demonstrates a commitment to want to make changes to your situation. Therefore, I believe the active involvement required from a client, is generally a given.

It should also be noted that once a client has become aware of automatic thoughts and cognitive distortions, and more importantly, learned techniques to improve emotional regulation, they can continue to experience the benefits of CBT by themselves.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the person eventually learns to become their own therapist (cited from MedicalNewsToday)

I am very passionate about the benefits that CBT can provide and I believe it to be extremely helpful in numerous presenting issues. My own understanding of psychology, of CBT, and the numerous clients I have seen that have successfully overcome issues, since Serene Counselling opened its doors in 2016, may attest to that.

(Mr) Lea Anthony Unsworth

Please click on the link and scroll down to see some of the presenting issues that I provide therapy for

Our Counselling Services


My goal is to improve your overall mental health and well-being. When I see a client begin to flourish and function as a well balanced, self-aware, individual, I feel there is no greater reward.

Here at Serene Counselling I have had opportunity to witness this kind of development in many clients and gratefully acknowledge every individual that has stepped through the door for letting me into their life and being part of their journey.

Please click the button below for our contact details where you can call for a free no-obligation discussion, or if you prefer,

you can email us directly or complete the brief details summary on the contact page and we will call you