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Serene Counselling Service  

Learn About Our Counselling Service 

At Serene Counselling Service in Gosnells, WA, improving your overall mental well-being is my number one priority. I will guide you every step of the way along the journey to building a healthier and happier relationship with yourself and others.

0459 510 359

Below are listed some of the issues that are covered by the counselling I offer, but are not limited to;

Anxiety & Stress


Mental Health

Relationship Issues

Behavioural Issues

Work Related Issues


Personal Development

Professional Development



Suicidal Ideation

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (Self Harm)


Reasons To Use Our Service 

I am 100% committed to help you become the best version of you

I understand that not everyone thinks the same, has the same support network, available time, or financial capabilities, so I will try to be as accommodating as I can be to ensure you can get access to counselling. I am extremely patient and highly approachable, and even though I may challenge any uncovered maladaptive thinking or cognitive distortions,I will do so with respect and compassion.


For some people, discussing topics pertaining to mental health can still be considered taboo. This is why I will strive to make you feel relaxed, supported and valued and of course, make sure to keep your personal information private and confidential at all times. Further information regarding privacy will be provided to you before beginning counselling.


I fully understand the various circumstances regarding why you might need our counselling service. Instead of seeing you as just some random patient, you will be treated with utmost respect and integrity, both of which you deserve as a human being.


Being in tune with your innermost thoughts and feelings comes naturally for me. This helps me to provide you with the best methods to resolve the issues that have persistently prevented you from attaining genuine happiness and inner peace.

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Also, check out below some of the positive comments I have received from previous clients.

Thanks to all concerned for your feedback

Testimonials from Clients/Significant Others 

I would really welcome an opportunity to speak with you about the delightful progress which ………. has made of late.”

– (Client's family member)

"Thank you, you have been a godsend" - (Client)

“Your counselling has been one of the most helpful events in ………… post accident history, and this family is most grateful.”

– (Client's significant others)

- "My son is doing extraordinarily well, the needle always now comes back to centre, thank you for your commitment to and great work with him"

- (Parent)

- "Mentally I am in the best place I have ever been" - (Client)

"The work you are currently engaging in has made a huge difference and that is certainly borne out by feedback from others as well."

- (Significant Other)

"Thanks for the session. It was very insightful and hopefully I can create some positive changes. Thanks for everything, you've been so helpful

- (Client)

"Huge thanks and appreciation to you, Lea. Your work has been exceptional and you have certainly been instrumental in changing ....................... life for the better in a big way.

- (Parent)

"I left the last session with real clarity,, thank you" - Client